Having only one set of car keys can leave you in a very vulnerable position, especially if something happens to your only set. Lockies Auto Locksmiths are specialists in providing car key replacements to motor vehicles in Garforth and throughout West Yorkshire, and can offer replacement keys plus a range of related services within a short period of time. Car locksmith Garforth are available 24/7, so no matter whether you’ve lost your keys, had them stolen or would simply like a spare set, we can be on hand with our specialised car key cutting services, with minimal stress or inconvenience.
Here at Lockies Auto Locksmiths we constantly update our tools and methods, meaning that we’re capable of replacing even the most advanced car keys and systems in Garforth. We also make use of the latest computer software and programming techniques, including ECU initialising dealer level software. This means that we can not only replace car keys but can also re-programme car immobilisers and transponder chips to match. All Lockies car keys and remotes in Garforth are supplied coded with a full warranty. Lockies Auto Locksmiths on car theft
We look to beat any like for like quote throughout Yorkshire, making us one of the most competitive companies when it comes to replacing car keys in Garforth, In fact, if we can’t finish a job, we won’t charge anything at all for our time. In the past we’ve worked successfully with the RAC, Green Flag and a whole host of car insurance companies as well as Leeds Police. Along with affordable prices that are often a mere fraction of what a main dealer would charge for the same work. You can see us at work by viewing our YouTube channel. Just hit this link Lockies YouTube

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