Ignition Repair Leeds

A faulty or defective ignition switch can give drivers all manner of trouble and has a number of common symptoms. If you are experiencing faults with your cars electrical system, if the car is suddenly stalling, the radio not turning on or the lights going out, the problem could be with the ignition switch. When this happens, drivers want the problem fixed as quickly and painlessly as possible, restoring their vehicle to full working order.

Although this sounds like a simple problem to remedy, ignition repairs in Leeds can require a difficult and time consuming solution that can test both amateur and professional mechanics. Instead of returning the vehicle to a main dealer, Lockies Auto Locksmiths has experienced this type of problem many times over the years, and has come up with an effective response.

Specialist Auto Locksmiths

Whilst ignition repairs in Leeds can be costly to implement, our qualified locksmiths will attempt to repair the problem without using spares or replacement parts. Whilst this is not possible in all cases, our approach keeps the cost to the customer as low as possible, and saves a great deal of time.

  • All work undertaken comes with a full guarantee and warranty
  • Replacement car keys and remotes
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • No VAT
  • No call out fee

As a family run business, we deliver 24 hour roadside assistance wherever it is required on a more personal level for our customers, taking their needs and priorities into account. As such, we can carry out an outstanding ignition repair service in Leeds whilst taking every measure to keep costs as low as possible for our customers.

By trying to repair broken ignitions using non-destructive methods, we can get your vehicle back on the road as fast as possible and with minimum expense. However, sometimes it is necessary to disassemble parts to access ignition systems or to replace broken parts altogether.

Whilst this does not represent a major task in itself, it does mean that our ignition repair service in Leeds involves the potential replacement of parts, keys and remotes. If this is the case, we can cut and program bespoke keys on the spot along with any ignition repair in Leeds that we undertake.

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