Auto locksmiths

had a little helper this last couple of days. My three year old daughter! Our childminder had a few days off so I was charged with the minding.  I asked her what she would like to do and she promptly said ” I want to go to work with you Daddy” So, off we went to our first auto locksmiths job in Leeds. I didn’t expect so many hurdles!

We had to stop 3 times on the way for a wee wee. Two of which were a case of “it’s changed its mind and gone back in Daddy” But we got one big wee wee so that’s just fine. Didn’t appreciate the random direction of the wee though as most of it soaked into my left adidas!

So, we arrived a little late but got stuck in. Well, for 5 mins anayway. “Daddy! I need a poo” our customer was happy to let us utilise her loo. “I have four daughters, it’s fine” she said with a smile. 5 mins later my little darling said sheepishly “Daddy, I’ve done a poo in my pants” I have never had to poo twice in ten minutes. How is that possible? Daddy was prepared though. Six nappy wipes and clean pants and we were sorted. Where does all that sweet corn come from? Anyone?

The childminder is back to work tomorrow! My van stinks of poo but I will miss my little helper.