Car keys stuck in ignition Skipton

Today i was called to Skipton by a Lady who could not remove the car key from the ignition. I get calls like this a lot. It’s always the same reason and can be easily avoided. Your car key will pick up dirt (from your pocket, from being dropped on the floor etc…) and transfer this dirt into the ignition barrel. As you can imagine after a while it gets a bit bunged up in there. This is when your car key gets a little bit sticky in the barrel and if ignored will get to the point where your car key gets stuck in there. Save yourselves the cost of a call out fee and do the following; try to keep the key clean. get some WD40 with the thin straw type nozzle and squirt some into the barrel. put your key in and out of the ignition a few times. This will dislodge the build up of dirt.

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