Car Theft What to Know

As vehicle security has improved over the years, particularly with regards to increasingly sophisticated car immobilisers, the number of car break-ins and thefts has decreased somewhat, with recent trends showing a notable decline. However, whilst this is certainly good news for car owners in one sense, a more worrying trend is one that points to increased car key theft, as opportunistic burglars look to exploit car owners rather than the ever more secure vehicles themselves.

In fact, the RAC Foundation found recently that the practice of stealing car keys is becoming more and more prevalent, as there are a variety of relatively easy ways in which to do this. For car owners concerned about potential car key theft, the first step towards better securing your vehicle is simply knowing where the most likely black spots are for car theft, and the most likely times for this to happen, as Leeds remains one of the foremost cities in the UK for car theft. Avoiding these places and times is an essential first step.

There are other ways to reduce the chances of criminal break-ins. One of the most common means that opportunistic thieves resort to is theft of your person or property, and quite often thieves will break into your home simply to look for your car keys – without them, they know that moving your vehicle is a far more difficult proposition. Keeping car keys safely hidden is an obvious means of preventing this from happening, as is keeping them out of easy reach of the vehicle, as this is another way in which burglars can gain easy access. Ultimately, however, there is no way to prevent a truly determined intruder, as stolen car keys are a highly attractive target for opportunistic criminals.

Should you find yourself the victim of lost or stolen car keys, don’t panic, as Lockies Auto Locksmiths can not only provide you with a new set of keys, we can erase the signature of the previous key from the car immobiliser and Engine Control Unit (ECU), all in accordance with the guidelines set by insurance companies and the police. This means that the thief will not be able to return and gain access to the vehicle. Car theft what to know and much more information can be found on our Facebook site. Here’s a link to our Facebook site Lockies FB