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I recently found an article on motor heads website regarding the fight against car theft. The article itself was interesting and informative but I’m not sure it will have much of a difference to how many cars are stolen. I’ve never stolen a car in my life but as the owner of Lockies Auto Locksmiths Ltd, and being an auto locksmith, I know exactly how to steal pretty much any car. Read it then I shall explain.


The article won’t stop the following kind of car thefts.

How easy is it to sell your car and only hand over one key with it? If you keep the spare key how easy would it be to (at a later date) steal that car? I’m not suggesting that your going to do that but, there are a lot of people out there who will and do (mainly car dealers believe it or not)

Being an auto locksmith I spend my time breaking into cars, making new keys for them and programming them to the car to enable it to start. I’m not going to say it’s easy or quick to do, however, consider this. If the customer only wants one key, how easy would it be for me to make two keys? The answer is, it would be very easy and would cost me about £10. I could then give the customer their key (which they would be very to receive) and keep the other key. I never have and never would do this but if I was that sort of person I could make quite a lot of money selling this (and other keys) on to car thieves.

Both of the above paragraphs are ways of stealing a car without the need for breaking into it (which takes time and most of the time sets the alarm off!) or cutting a key (which takes time and is expensive) or programming the transponder chip to the car (which again takes time and is expensive)

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