Lockies Auto Locksmiths Cleckheaton
Just a bit of advice to anyone looking for a car locksmith when searching on Google (or Bing or Yahoo etc)
when you type your search keywords into the search engine (lets say Google) Google will show you a list of websites. Some will end with .com some will end with .co.uk. For example, my website is Lockies Auto Locksmiths .co.uk Some will end with .org or something else. I have searched every single website realating to “car Locksmiths Cleckheaton” or “Auto Locksmiths Cleckheaton” or “lost car keys Cleckheaton” or “Spare car keys Cleckheaton” etc etc, you get the idea. From what I can see if it doesn’t end with .com or .co.uk DONT BOTHER clicking it! They appear to be call centres. They will take your call (always answered by a woman) and quote you a minimum of £240 then phone local car locksmiths like Lockies Auto Locksmiths Cleckheaton and sell the work for what would be a reasonable cost to you! And pocket the rest! so, you pay £240, Lockies Auto Locksmiths Cleckheaton get £140 and they get £100 for answering the phone!
Make sure you you phone at least 3 Auto Locksmiths to check the first quote. If you get a quote that even we at Lockies Auto Locksmiths can’t beat, please still call us as we will still be able to advise you on what we think you will be getting from whichever other auto locksmith has given you the quote.
if anyone is interested here’s a link to our Facebook site Lockies FB

We will be posting more videos on YouTube in the future so please keep tuning in to Lockies Auto Locksmiths news. It’s a great way of us showing you guys how we go about our work and hopefully giving you some confidence in our work. Our videos will get better than these initial ones! I promise!
Lockies Auto Locksmiths News Cleckheaton. http://nefing.imyge.co.uk/mobile-car-locksmith/

For anyone requiring a very good domestic locksmith, here’s a link to a  site. He will get you sorted.