Lost car keys


Creating new car keys from scratch can be an expensive business, with main car dealerships charging you high prices just so you can regain access to your vehicle. This can make replacement keys hard to come by, which means that lost, stolen or malfunctioning keys become a more costly problem than they need be, not to mention time consuming and inconvenient.

However, whilst creating and programming car keys and fobs can be complicated, the process is by no means impossible, and there are a number of locksmiths and other specialists out there capable of replacing car keys to the same standard as a regular dealer. Especially with older vehicles, reprogramming car keys can be a quick and painless process, whilst more modern cars may need more up to date software and tools to get the job done.

As specialist auto-locksmiths, Lockies Auto Locksmiths is capable of providing new keys cut and programmed into even the latest makes and models of cars, including those with advanced Engine Control Units (ECUs), whilst we can also erase the signature traces of previous keys away from those same systems. By using the very latest technology and equipment available on the market today, our mobile locksmiths can normally get you back on the road within an hour of our arrival. http://nefing.imyge.co.uk/lost-car-keys-lockies-auto-locksmiths/

Making use of the latest and most innovative computer software means that we can program transponder chips for even the most sophisticated ECUs and car immobilisers, and we are confident in our ability to work with all makes and models of vehicles, irrespective of the year of manufacture or the difficulty of the job.

Our record using the latest tools and programming techniques speaks for itself, with work completed on behalf of organisations such as the RAC, AA, Green Flag and the Police, as well as a reputation throughout South Yorkshire for prompt and efficient car key replacement, whatever the scale of the problem at hand, for lost car keys Leeds, call Lockies Auto Locksmiths.

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