Transponder chips, Leeds.

These things are tricky little fellows. Very small and don’t like being messed around with. There are two types of transponder chips. One is a carbon chip (you can jump on these guys and they should be fine) the other is a glass chip. If you look at them they will snap! Anyway…….. Take these out of the key they live in and they just throw a strop (bit like a baby does) They like to be snuggled up in the little key they were born in!

Just a word of warning with these things.

YOU don’t know which type of chip is in there! I get calls from people who have tried to take them out every day. ” I tried to take it out to put it into another key and now it wont work”

Leave the little chaps alone and call me. I will sort it out for you and you will save a few quid. £££££££