Van security lock fitting Keighley

If your looking to make your van more secure by having additional security locks fitted you have probably had your van broken into, or just worried about it happening. Vans are increasingly targeted by thieves and without additional security locks fitted they are easy prey.

Lockies auto locksmiths fit dead locks and hook locks to almost any van. These locks are a manually operated locking device fitted to the vehicles doors which as well as acting as a very good deterrent will make it extremely difficult for even the most determined thief to break into. Get them fitted and stop worrying about your vans being broken into or your tools being stolen. All the locks we fit are purchased from Locks4vans and as you will see from the link below, are Thatcham accredited.

As well as van security lock fitting we can supply, cut and programme van and car keys including fobs. We cover most makes and models of both vans and cars. So whilst we are fitting the new security locks to your van you can get that spare key you’ve been needing too.